5 Easy Tips For Preventing Worry and Insecure

We all worry…

Worrying is an everyday emotion. It’s common because we all worry about things from time to time. However, suffering is not only associated with specific thoughts and ideas that come out of fear that become stuck inside our heads. Worrying is deeper than that.
Sometimes, when someone feels worried about a specific situation, it might scare them, and they will notice the reaction in their body that’s out of fear such as heavy breathing or an increased heart rate. Of course, at the end of the responses itself will cause the person to worry more. This just goes to show that worrying is not necessary; it’s useless and tends to create problems that didn’t even exist in the first place.
If you feel that you worry too much, then read the following 5 tips that may help you.

1. Solve the main problem.

What is the starting point of your worries? Think about what triggers you in to worrying and then develop an action plan to help yourself get rid of the problem. This requires effective problem-solving skills – so the more practice, the better you will get at resolving your issues.

2. Take the time to relax.

It’s difficult not to worry when you haven’t mastered the art of relaxing effectively, just as it’s not easy to pass an exam when you haven’t studied enough. The critical point to understand here is that if you want to control your feelings of worry, then you need to teach yourself how to relax every day. When you’re used to worrying all the time, your mind becomes like an alarm system that can sense when you’re about to worry. The trick here is to train your mind into a relaxing mode instead. Practice this every day.

3. Always look at the brighter side.

Most of the times, we aren’t aware when we’re worrying. It just starts without warning and often becomes difficult to stop as we lack control in finishing the emotion. It sort of starts out like this… negative feelings, thoughts and visions will invade your mind, and then somehow they end up convincing you to imagine unlikely/upsetting scenarios regarding people that you know, or perhaps someone that you care about. Eventually, these thoughts will get to the point where you start feeling emotional, and you end up crying. 
All of this is like a mental block, causing your mind to be clouded by unrealistic events that won’t even happen, Therefore, the tip to overcoming this is to look at the brighter side by thinking positively. Every time you think about a certain event or person, focus on the good parts about then. Don’t purposely search for negativity when it might not even exist – that could be your mind deceiving you. Remember, what you focus on, grows. So focus on positive thoughts and your reaction will be less of worrying and more of smiling,

4. Make wise decisions.

Being in a state of worry sometimes feels impossible to make any sort of decision. We tend to overthink everything and feel stuck, not knowing what to do. However, one effective way to overcome this is by drawing up a list of pros and cons that are related with every answer that you have to your problem, and then weighing them next to each other to see which one is the most significant. This will help you to make the best choice of option which will take much strain off your worries.

5. Be very realistic.

Finally, nothing is more impossible of achieving than unrealistic methods that are beyond your abilities. Therefore, try to attempt solving your worry problems in a way that is comfortable to you and that you can effortlessly cope with. There is no use in trying to explain something in an outrageous and unsuitable way because in the end it will backfire on you and cause disappointment – and ultimately, make your worries worse than it already is.



Worrying isn’t a ‘rocket science’ type of emotion to deal with. As long as you know the strategies and apply them to your daily life, then you can survive through them. It’s just a matter of training your mind towards the right level of thinking, and then suddenly everything becomes possible and much easier to achieve. You become more in control of your worries.
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