50 Young Dolph Quotes May Inspiring You

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Young Dolph is an up-and-coming rapper who is making a name for himself in the music industry. His unique style and flow have earned him a loyal following of fans who appreciate his music.

While he is still relatively new to the scene, Young Dolph is already making waves and is poised to become one of the biggest names in rap.

Young Dolph is an American rapper from Memphis, Tennessee. He is currently signed to Yo Gotti’s CMG label. His debut album, King of Memphis, was released in 2016 and peaked at number 49 on the Billboard 200 chart. He has released a number of mixtapes and EPs, including his most recent project, N Commercial Mixtape.

Dolph began his career in music by releasing a series of mixtapes, the first of which was the Paper Route Campaign in 2012. He followed this up with several other mixtapes, including High Class Street Music and A Time To Kill. His debut album, King of Memphis, was released in 2016 and featured the single, “Get Paid.” The album peaked at number 49 on the Billboard 200 chart.

In 2017, Dolph was involved in a shooting in Charlotte, North Carolina. He was shot nine times but survived the attack. Following the shooting, he released the song, “100 Shots,” which addressed the incident.

Dolph is considered one of the most prolific rappers from Memphis. He is known for his catchy hooks and clever lyrics. He has a large following among hip-hop fans and is respected for his hustle and grind.

With his hard-hitting beats and clever lyrics, he is sure to keep you entertained and coming back for more. So if you’re looking for a new artist to check out, be sure to give Young Dolph a listen – you won’t be disappointed.

Young Dolph Quotes From Songs

“I’m so high, I can touch the sky / I’m so high, I can touch the sun / I’m so high, I can touch the stars / I’m so high, I can touch the moon.” – Young Dolph, “So High”

“I’m living better now, I’m on my own two / I’m living better now, I’m all I need / I’m living better now, on my own terms / I’m living better now, I’m fulfilled.” – Young Dolph, “Living Better Now”

“I’m a self-made millionaire, I did it all without a record label / I’m a self-made millionaire, I did it all without a radio station / I’m a self-made millionaire, I did it all without a bankroll / I’m a self-made millionaire, I did it all without a co-sign.” – Young Dolph, “Self-Made Millionaire”

“They say the grass is always greener on the other side / But all I see is green, so I’mma stay right here.” – Young Dolph, “Green Light”

“I’m the king of Memphis, no matter who you ask / I’m the king of Memphis, I’m the king of my city / I’m the king of Memphis, so what you gon’ do about it?” – Young Dolph, “King of Memphis”

Young Dolph Quotes
“I’m so high, I can’t come down” – Young Dolph

“I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man.” – Young Dolph

“I’m living better now, I deserve it.” – Young Dolph

“I’m the plug so they all in my phone.” – Young Dolph

Young Dolph Quotes
“I made it out the hood, I’m the new rap king.” – Young Dolph

“I’m keepin’ my foot on they neck ’til they choked, yeah / I’m going the extra mile ’til I’m extra broke, yeah / My heart cold as ice, but I still feel the hurt, yeah / I done turned the hurt into hustle, yeah.”

“I’ma keep getting money, I’m never going broke / I’ma keep getting high, I’m never going low / I’ma keep on grinding, I’m never gonna quit / I’ma keep hustling, until I get my riches.”

“I’m from the bottom, I know what it feel like / I’m from the struggle, I know what it take / I’m from the gutter, I know how to hustle / I’m from the projects, I know how to grind.”

“I’m not a rapper, I’m a hustler / I’m not a singer, I’m a trap star / I’m not an actor, I’m a real G / I’m not a fan, I’m a boss.”

“Ain’t no such thing as halfway crooks / Either you hustlin’ or you ain’t.”

“I’m from the streets, I know what it feel like / I’m from the trap, I know what it take / I’m from the bottom, I know how to hustle.”

“I’m from the ghetto, I know what it feels like / I’m from the bottom, I know how to hustle.”

“I’m a young millionaire, I’m just hustling / I’m trying to get to a billion, I’m just grinding.”

“I’m on my own two feet, I’m hustling / I’m making my own way, I’m grindin’.”

Motivation Young Dolph Quotes

Dolph has released several successful albums, including his most recent, “Rich Slave.” He’s also been nominated for numerous awards, including a Grammy. Clearly, Young Dolph is driven to be the best. And it’s that kind of motivation that has helped him achieve so much success. here are Young Dolph’s Quotes About Motivation that will motivate you

“I’m living proof that if you just grind and don’t give up on your dreams, anything is possible.” -Young Dolph

“You can’t put a limit on how much you can improve and how much you can do. There are no limits on what you can be, do, or have in life.” -Young Dolph

“I’m not here to fit in. I’m here to stand out.” -Young Dolph

“I’m not afraid to fail. I’m not afraid to take risks. I’m not afraid to put in the hard work.” -Young Dolph

“The only way to achieve success is to keep grindin’.” -Young Dolph

“I’m blessed, I’m successful, I’m still alive.” -Young Dolph

“Don’t get too comfortable, this world is unpredictable.” -Young Dolph

“I’m not a hater, I’m a motivator.” -Young Dolph

“I’m living proof that you can be anything you want to be.” -Young Dolph

“I’m all about that paper, I ain’t chasing no women.” -Young Dolph

Young Dolph Quotes
“I’m like a rose, I can smell the bullshit from a mile away.” -Young Dolph

“I’m at the top of the food chain, there’s nobody above me.” -Young Dolph

“I’m young, I’m rich, and I’m fly.” -Young Dolph

“I’m just a young nigga with a lot of ambition” -Young Dolph

“I’m living better than I ever have” -Young Dolph

Young Dolph Quotes
“I’m blessed, I’m still alive, I’m rich” -Young Dolph

“I’m a 1017 brick squad youngin’, youngin'” -Young Dolph

“I stay 10 toes down, I never fallin” -Young Dolph

” I’m too real for these niggas, I’m too rich for these bitches” -Young Dolph

“I’m a superstar, can’t nobody stop me” -Young Dolph

“You can’t be scared to lose. You’re supposed to lose. You’re not supposed to win all the time.” -Young Dolph

“I’m not chasing nobody. I’m not trying to be number two. I’m not even trying to be number one. I’m just trying to be different.” -Young Dolph

“I always imagined what would happen if I failed. I never imagined what would happen if I succeed.” -Young Dolph

Young Dolph Quotes
“I’m on top of the world, I’m feeling like I can’t be stopped” -Young Dolph

“I’m young, I’m rich, I’m fly, I’m fly” -Young Dolph

“I’m living proof that if you put your mind to something and stay focused, you can achieve it.”-Young Dolph

“I’m not a role model. I’m not trying to be one either. I just want to motivate people.”-Young Dolph

“I’m not a overnight success. I’m a workaholic.”-Young Dolph

Young Dolph Quotes
“I’m always working, always grinding, always hustling.”-Young Dolph

Young Dolph Quotes
“I’m not just a rapper, I’m a hustler.”-Young Dolph

“I’m not in this for the money, I’m in it for the music.”-Young Dolph

Loyalty Young Dolph Quotes

Loyalty is one of the most important virtues in life. It is the quality that keeps us true to our friends, our families, and our commitments. When we are loyal to someone, we are saying that we will stand by them, no matter what.

This is a quality that Young Dolph clearly values. In many of his quotes, he speaks about the importance of loyalty, and how it is the key to success in life. here are Young Dolph’s Quotes About Loyalty :

“If you ain’t loyal to yo side, them niggas gon’ kill you. You gotta be loyal to who loyal to you.”

“I’m too loyal to ever switch up.”

“Loyalty is everything.”

“Ain’t no loyalty in this game.”

“You can never have too much loyalty.”

These are just a few of the many quotes about loyalty that Young Dolph has shared. As you can see, he believes that loyalty is essential, both in personal relationships and in business dealings.

He also recognizes that loyalty is often hard to come by and that it is often misplaced. But he continues to stand by his convictions and to value loyalty above all else.

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