What makes a man want to get married ?


If you wondering how a man can marry a women in very quick and just stay for years, this the short explanation of what marriage means to a man

Men attend women for two reasons, sex and love, but in most cases, men do not marry for sex or love, they marry for stability.
A man can love you and not marry you.
A man can have sex with you for years without marrying you.
But immediately, he finds someone who brings stability in his life, and he marries her.

Men are visionaries when they think about marriage, and they do not think about wedding dresses, bridesmaids, anything the woman thinks is fanciful.
They think that this woman can build me a home.

Women are tender, they have the capacity to receive and reproduce.
You give her groceries, she prepares a meal, you give her money, she gives you peace, you give her sperm, and she gives you children.
You give it discomfort, it becomes your worst nightmare, and most men know it. This is why a man can stay with a woman for years and meet another in a month, then get married.
It’s the stability they want.
Sex is a pleasure, love is an affection; RESPECT is stability.
Just try to have all those things. ?

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what marriage means to a manĀ 

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