Quote For Friend Going Through Hard Time

If you’re a teen.

Iam too. I know what you’re going through. We’re all on this journey together. These years aren’t easy. These years are filled with stress.Anxiety, Hearthbreak, Hurt

But they’re also filled with experiences, firendship, realizations, and growth.

There is no “secret recipe” to make these years or life in general perfect and easy.

But here’s the thing though, I wouldn’t undo anything, I wouldn’t trade a moment of when I felt confused or lost or fearful or hurt for an “easy way out”

Because each obstacle that I faced led me to God, and without them, I don’t know where my faith would stand.

My fellow teens, you’ve got this. You know how I know why ? God is with you.

Appreciate and embrace each obstacle because every struggle helps you to grow and make you stronger.

And with each obstacle, turn to God. If there is one piece of adice I’d give to anyone, it would be to get to know God, To grow closer to Him, It is never too late to start

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