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  1. Whenever I look in her eyes I look Deep Ocean in who I wish to swim and never come back, that ocean is with happiness, goodness and you know that that ocean will never leave you alone.quotes for girlfriend
  2. Her smile will never change, however, bitterness uncurl her ego found a way to the band again. That is why I love her the most.
  3. She is such and such I am. When she looks in clocks and in calendars she didn’t see the time. She sees eternity. That is that which makes us different. She is my bright spot in these hard days. She is my book who makes me read in one breath. She is my hot coffee who wakes me in the morning. She is my reality who is better from the dream. She is my sweet pleasure. She is a memory that never fades. She is my start and my end. She is my love
  4. And suddenly notice that stars really bright stronger and the moon hangs over us. I am smiling, I feel fulfilled. In her, I found my star which is stronger than all. And that is enough for me
  5. In her hug, I became loved and my pains are passed. I love her and I know that she will be always here for me. She is different she doesn’t need love to give her back. She will give herself and doesn’t need anything in return
  6. She is diamante who never loses his value and I know if I ever let she go that will be because I think that I don’t deserve her anymore
  7. I can’t imagine my life without her. She is my favorite part of him, she gives sense to him. With her I know what is love, with her I learn how to love. She makes me happy and that is the most important thing for me.
  8. And YES! She is the girl that always knows the truth. She is the girl who knows how to stand up after defeats and no to regret failed loves, spend emotions and time. She looks in defeats like precious experiences. She is the loneliest and the best person. Her happiness never will base on egoism, she wishes happiness on the faces over her, and because others are happy she is happy too. She is my girl and that is because I love her
  9. I sinking in her look, you know me sinking to the bottom. After that from her touch, I have soared across borders in the sky. Such is she, irresistible. With her couldn’t otherwise, you are on the peak or on the bottom
  10. We get older and accustomed to each other. We are thinking the same. We read our minds. We know what we want without any questions. Sometimes we piss off one another. But sometimes like today I think and know that I cross my life with the best women I have met. You still surprise and inspirited me. Your existence makes me better. You are the object of my wishes and you are the main reason that I exist. I love you so much!
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