91 Inspiring Homewrecker Quotes to Avoid Infidelity

Are you looking for motivation to help you through a difficult situation? Whether you are dealing with a homewrecker, a friend who has betrayed you, or the end of a relationship, Homewrecker Quotes can provide the perfect dose of comfort and inspiration.

With quotes from famous authors, poets, and celebrities, these uplifting words can help you move beyond the hurt and start to heal.

All You Know About Homewreckers

What Is Homewreckers

Homewreckers are individuals who intentionally or unintentionally cause problems in the relationships of other people. They may do this by having an affair with someone who is in a committed relationship, or by manipulating or manipulating a person in a way that leads to the breakdown of their relationship.

There are many different motivations that can drive someone to become a homewrecker. Some people may do it for attention, power, or to get revenge on someone else. Others may do it because they feel neglected or unfulfilled in their own relationships and believe that they can find happiness by being with someone else.

Regardless of the reason, homewrecking is generally considered to be a selfish and hurtful act. It can cause a great deal of pain and heartache for all of the people involved, and it is generally not considered to be a healthy or appropriate way to behave. If you find yourself tempted to be a homewrecker, it is important to consider the potential consequences of your actions and to try to find more constructive ways of dealing with your feelings and desires.

Quotes On Homewreckers

Homewrecker Quotes

1. “Love will tear us apart, but a homewrecker will put the final nail in the coffin.” – Unknown

Homewrecker Quotes (1)
2. “It takes two to tango, but it only takes one to homewreck.” – Unknown

3. “Love may be blind, but a homewrecker never is.” – Unknown

4. “Homewreckers may sneak into your life, but you can always kick them out.” – Unknown

5. “Happiness can never be found in somebody else’s house.” – Unknown

Homewrecker Quotes (2)
6. “A homewrecker never plays fair, and he never wins.” – Unknown

7. “You can’t wreck something that wasn’t built on solid ground.” – Unknown

8. “A homewrecker never wins, but the one they hurt is left with the mess.” – Unknown

9. “No matter how you got in, the door is always open for you to leave.” – Unknown

10. “Homewreckers come in all shapes and sizes, beware of them all.” – Unknown

11. “A homewrecker is like a fly; always buzzing around somewhere, destroying everything in its path.”

Homewrecker Quotes (3)
12. “Homewreckers don’t love themselves, so they have to make everyone else miserable too.”

13. “A homewrecker is an intruder that wasn’t invited in to begin with.”

14. “A homewrecker will take away your peace of mind, your joy and most importantly, your family.”

15. “Love doesn’t wreck homes; homewreckers do.”

16. “Homewreckers don’t care about anyone but themselves and that’s the real tragedy.”

17. “Homewreckers create broken homes, shattered hearts, and broken dreams.”

18. “A homewrecker will always enter your life and ruin it, if you’re not careful.”

19. “Homewreckers rob you of the most beautiful things in life – love, trust, and happiness.”

20. “The worst kind of person is the one who wreaks havoc in other people’s lives and doesn’t care. That is a homewrecker.”

Savage Homewrecker Quotes

Homewrecker Quotes (4)
21. “Love doesn’t always bring happiness. Sometimes it’s just the cause of a savage homewrecker.”

22. “Don’t mess with a homewrecker, she has the power to ruin your home and take away your happiness.”

23. “Trust no one but yourself, because a savage homewrecker lurks in the shadows waiting to take away your happiness.”

24. “Be on the alert, the savage homewrecker might come knocking on your door.”

25. “A homewrecker carries no remorse, she will break your heart and make you feel helpless.”

26. “The homewrecker is a heartless creature who will take away your joy without warning.”

27. “Beware of falling into the grasp of a homewrecker – she will leave you broken and desperate.”

Homewrecker Quotes (5)
28. “No matter how strong your relationship is, a homewrecker will find a way to break it.”

29. “The more you love someone, the easier it is for a savage homewrecker to break it apart.”

30. “Be wary of those around you, for a homewrecker is always nearby and ready to break apart the happiest of homes.”

31. “A savage homewrecker scarring an innocent family’s life, forever.” – Unknown

32. “A savage homewrecker can break a family apart, and shatter a lifetime of trust in an instant.” – Unknown

33. “A homewrecker has no care for the people left behind in their wake; they only care about satisfying their own selfish desires.” – Unknown

34. “A homewrecker is like cancer, spreading destruction and heartache wherever they go.” – Unknown

35. “Homewreckers are like a plague, they spread destruction and damage across relationships and families.” – Unknown

36. “Homewreckers don’t just destroy relationships, they also hurt the people involved in a very deep way.” – Unknown

Homewrecker Quotes (6)
37. “Homewreckers are like parasites—sucking the life out of a once-healthy family unit.” – Unknown

38. “A homewrecker is a selfish and cruel creature who takes pleasure in destroying the lives of others.” – Unknown

39. “A homewrecker is a parasite who feasts on the destruction of others, leaving those affected with nothing.” – Unknown

40. “Homewreckers are bullies, who use their power and influence to seduce and control those in their path.” – Unknown

Funny Homewrecker Quotes

41. “Hey, funny homewrecker, where you gonna run when you get the bill for all the broken dishes?”

42. “With the way I see guys fighting over you, we should build a wall around you, funny homewrecker!”

43 “What are you gonna do to fix the mess you made? I guess all you can say is ‘oops, I’m a funny homewrecker.'”

44. “Hey funny homewrecker, why not stay away, the more you stay the more people it will keep in dismay.”

45. “It’s funny how your eyes always look away when someone talks about your funny homewrecker ways.”

46. “Your mission to destroy true love is starting to come undone. I guess that shows that homewrecking is no longer much fun.”

47. “You may have damaged a few relationships along the way, but that’s just because you camped out in the funny homewreckers place.”

48. “If you think being a homewrecker is much fun, remember there’s always a price to be paid for the damage you’ve done.”

49. “Your skills in breaking hearts really could use some work, you should probably stay away from that funny homewrecker’s smirk!”

50. “Breaking up happy couples is what you do best. I suppose that’s part of being a funny homewrecker, I guess.”

Homewrecker Quotes (7)
51. “Life can’t be all work and no play. That’s why homewreckers exist.”

52. “If your spouse is worried about you being a homewrecker, it’s probably best not to be one!”

53. “My love affair with homewrecking may have been short-lived, but it sure made a lasting impression.”

54. “Don’t judge a book by its cover. That homewrecker may be devastatingly good-looking, but he’s still a homewrecker.”

55. “There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Especially if it’s a free lunch with a homewrecker.”

56. “People don’t know what it takes to be a homewrecker; it’s hard work, not just a good time.”

57. “When looking for a homewrecker, make sure that you’re willing to handle the consequences.”

Homewrecker Quotes (8)
58. “Guilty pleasures, like homewreckers, can sometimes be the most pleasant kind of secrets to keep.”

59. “What’s the point of owning the keys to someone’s heart if you don’t use them to be a homewrecker?”

60. “Homewreckers may be fun at the moment, but never forget that you’re destroying something that may never be repaired.”

Homewrecker Karma Quotes

61. “Karma is an evil Homewrecker; Its only objective is to even the score.”

62. “Hell hath no fury as a Homewrecker scorned.”

63. “What goes around will come around for a Homewrecker.”

Homewrecker Quotes (9)
64. “Cheaters never win and Homewreckers always lose the game of karma.”

65. “The law of Karma says ‘Homewrecking will bite you in the behind’.”

66. “The wickedness of Homewrecking will eventually catch up to its perpetrator.”

67. “The world has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to Homewreckers and karma will take care of them in the end.”

Homewrecker Quotes (10)
68. “You reap what you sow, especially if you are a Homewrecker.”

69. “It doesn’t matter how much you try to get away with, karma will make sure Homewreckers get their due.”

70. “No matter what you do, if you mess with someone’s home and family, karma will come back and bite you in the behind.”

71. “When someone ruins a home or a relationship, they will eventually have to face the consequences of their actions, good or bad. Live by your actions and be prepared to face the consequences of your own doing.”

72. “Nobody can take away the damage they have caused—do not forget that karma will come back to them, eventually.”

73. “If you hurt someone else, it will eventually come back to you. Don’t be a homewrecker, or else you will experience homewrecker karma.”

74. “No act of malice goes unpunished. Thinking you can hurt others and get away scot-free will eventually catch up with you.”

75. “What goes around comes around. If you want to live peacefully, make sure not to behave in a way that will bring you bad karma.”

76. “The universe has a way of restoring balance. If you do wrong to another, expect that it will boomerang back to you.”

78. “Be careful when you choose to hurt people because it could come back to you full force in an unexpected way.”

79. “If you behave dishonestly and recklessly, karma will make sure that you will soon be reeling from the consequences.”

80. “Those who ruin the lives of others will eventually have to deal with the ruin they have created.”

81. “What goes around always comes back around in the end. As the saying goes ‘as ye sow, so shall ye reap.'”

Let’s Wrap Things Up

Thank you for reading through these quotes are sure to make you feel better about your own life, and maybe even give you a chuckle or two.

So, next time you’re feeling down, remember that you’re not alone in your quest to ruin someone else’s life. There are plenty of other people out there just like you.

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