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Looking for some inspiration from Doja Cat? Check out our collection of her best quotes! From her witty lyrics to her powerful message, Doja Cat is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Doja Cat is a great example of an alpha female. Alpha females are confident, independent, and ambitious women who are willing to take risks and work hard to achieve their goals in life.

Doja Cat has achieved groundbreaking success in her musical career and consistently works hard to make her dreams a reality.

She has a strong, independent spirit, and is unafraid to speak her mind and fight for what she believes in. She is also an inspiring role model to other young women, inspiring them to be the best version of themselves.

So whether you’re looking for a little motivation or just a good laugh, be sure to check out our selection of Doja Cat quotes!

Doja Cat Quotes

1. “My favorite part of the day is when I get to lay in my bed and do nothing.”

2. “I’m sorry I’m not sorry.”

3. “I’m not perfect, I’m just me.”

Doja Cat Quotes 1
4. “I’m not here to fit into your box, I’m here to stand out.”

5. “Be yourself, because everyone else is taken.”

6. “Don’t compare yourself to others, compare yourself to the person you were yesterday.”

7. “Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.”

Doja Cat Quotes 2
8. “You can’t be held back by what other people think.”

9. “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

10. “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

11. “Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not good enough.”

12. “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.”

13. “You are never too old to set new goals or to dream a new dream.”

14. “If you want something, go get it. Period.”

15. “Believe in yourself, because if you don’t, no one else will.”

16. “If you don’t love yourself, you can’t love anyone else.”

17. “The only person who can pull me down is myself, and I’m not going to let myself do that.”

18. “I’m just doing me, and I’m loving it.”

Doja Cat Quotes 3
19. “I just love my body. I think it’s cute.”

20. “I love being myself. I think it’s the coolest thing in the world.”

21. “I think that if you’re not being true to yourself, you’re not living.”

22. “I would encourage anyone to just be themselves and follow their dreams.”

23. “I don’t want to be anything that I’m not.”

24. “I think that’s just the worst thing you can do is to try and be something you’re not.”

Doja Cat Quotes 4
25. “I think being yourself is the best thing you can be.”

26. “I encourage people to be themselves and to love themselves.”

27. “I think that’s what’s most important in life is to just be yourself and to be happy with who you are.”

Who Is Doja Cat?

Doja Cat is a rapper, singer, and songwriter from Los Angeles, California. Her music is a mix of rap, R&B, and electronic.

She has been making music since she was a child and her songs have been streamed over a billion times on Spotify. Doja Cat’s real name is Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini.

She was born on October 21, 1995, in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her parents are from different ethnic backgrounds. Her father, Subotu, is of Nigerian descent and her mother, Alice, is of Danish and Dutch descent.

Doja Cat’s family moved to Los Angeles, California when she was six years old. Doja Cat attended West Los Angeles College and majored in music production.

Doja Cat is known for her eccentric and colorful fashion style. She often wears bright and colorful wigs and clothing. Doja Cat is also known for her love of cats. She has two pet cats, Muñeca and Boo. Doja Cat has said that she identifies as a “stud” (a lesbian who is attracted to other lesbians).

Doja Cat is one of the most popular rappers in the world. Her music is catchy and her lyrics are often about sex, drugs, and partying. Doja Cat is also known for her witty and clever social media posts. Many of her fans adore her for her sense of humor and positive attitude.

How She Started Music

Doja Cat released her first single, “So High”, in 2012. The song was a success and led to her signing with Kemosabe Records, a label owned by Sony Music Entertainment.

Doja Cat released her debut EP, Purrr!, in 2014. The EP received positive reviews and led to her being featured in XXL’s “Freshman Class” of 2015.

Doja Cat’s debut album, Amala, was released in 2018. The album was a critical and commercial success, reaching number two on the US R&B charts and number three on the US Rap charts.

Doja Cat’s second album, Hot Pink, was released in 2019. The album was a commercial success, reaching number one on the US R&B charts and number two on the US Rap charts.

In an interview with The Fader

Doja Cat talked about how she started making music:

“I was just making beats in my bedroom and messing around with GarageBand. I would make these little 30-second snippets of songs and then I started rapping over them.”

Doja Cat’s music is a mix of R&B, hip-hop, and electronic. She has said that she is inspired by a lot of different artists, including Missy Elliott, Ludacris, and Snoop Dogg.

In an interview with Complex

Doja Cat talked about her song “MOO!”:

“MOO! is just a lighthearted song about being horny. I was in a really good mood when I made it. I was just like, ‘I’m feeling really good right now, I’m gonna make a song about how horny I am.”

Doja Cat’s album “Hot Pink” was released in 2019. It peaked at number two on the US Billboard 200 chart.

In an interview with Pitchfork

Doja Cat talked about her album “Hot Pink”:

“It’s called ‘Hot Pink’ because it’s just super in-your-face and confident and unapologetic, and that’s how I felt when I made it.”

Why Are Her Quotes So Popular?

Because Doja Cat’s music is a blend of hip-hop, R&B, and pop. She has been described as a “unique new voice” in the music industry. Her lyrics often touch on themes of sexuality, drug use, and mental health.

Doja Cat is known for her eccentric and colorful fashion style. She often wears bright and colorful wigs and clothing.

Doja Cat has been nominated for several awards, including a Grammy Award and an MTV Video Music Award.

Here are Popular Doja Cat Quotes:

Doja Cat Quotes 5
28. “I’m not here to be popular, I’m here to make hits.” – Doja Cat

29. “All I wanna do is make music that I like and that makes me happy.” – Doja Cat

30. “I just want to make good music, and I want people to like it.” – Doja Cat

31. “I’m not tryna be the next nobody, I’m tryna be the first Doja.” – Doja Cat

Doja Cat Quotes 6
32. “I’m just a girl who likes to make weird songs and dress up.” – Doja Cat

33. “I’m tryna bring something new to the game.” – Doja Cat

34. “I want people to like my music and have a good time.” – Doja Cat

35. “I make music for people to enjoy and have a good time.” – Doja Cat

36. “I’m not trying to be the next Nicki Minaj or Cardi B. I’m trying to be the first Doja Cat.”

Doja Cat Quotes 7
37. “I don’t make music for the mainstream. I make music for myself and my fans.”

38. “My music is for people who feel like they don’t fit in.”

39. “I want my music to make people feel good and help them escape from their problems.”

40. “I make music to make people happy and to make them Dance!”

41. “I’m the black Barbra Streisand.”

42. “I’m a strong black woman, I’m a powerful black woman.”

43. “I’m beautiful, I’m talented, I’m amazing.”

44. “Life is too short to not be happy.”

45. “Be yourself and be happy.”

Doja Cat Quotes 8
46. “No matter what people say or do, always stay true to yourself.”

47. “Be yourself and love yourself.”

48. “Be humble and kind.”

49. “Don’t be afraid to be different.”

What Are Some Of Her Most Famous Quotes?

Here are some of the most famous Doja Cat quotes:

50. “I’m not really into the club scene, so I don’t really get the appeal of like ‘twerking’ and all that. I just don’t get it. I’m more of a homebody.”

51. “I love to eat, so I’m always thinking about food.”

52. “I don’t really care about money. I care about making music that I like and that I think other people will like.”

Doja Cat Quotes 9
53. “I’m not really a party person. I’m more of a hermit.”

54. “I’m extremely lazy. I would sleep all day if I could.”

55. “I love cats. I have two cats, and they’re my babies.”

56. “I’m a Gemini, so I have two sides to me.”

57. “I’m a bit of an introvert. I’m not really the social type.”

58. “I’m not really into fashion. I just wear whatever is comfortable.”

59. “I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I can be my own worst enemy.”

60. “I’m not a club person, I’m a Home Depot person.”

Doja Cat Quotes 10
61. “I’m the type of person who’s like, if you don’t want to be here, then leave.”

62. “I’m not here to be perfect, I’m here to be me.”

63. “I’m a stud, I’m not a lesbian.”

64. “I’m not afraid to be myself.”

65. “I’m just here to make music and make people happy.”

66. “Don’t let anyone define you.”

67. “Find your own voice.”

68. “Don’t be afraid to dream big.”

69. “The sky’s the limit.”

70. “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

71. “Never give up on your dreams.”

72. “If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.”

73. “Keep your head up and stay strong.”

What Do Her Quotes Reveal About Her Personality?

Doja Cat is an up-and-coming rapper who is quickly making a name for herself with her unique sound and personality. While she is still relatively new to the music scene, she has already garnered a considerable amount of attention and fame.

In addition to her music, Doja Cat is also known for her outspokenness and her candid quotes.

Here are some of her famous quotes about doja cat authenticity:

74. “I’m just doing me, I’m not trying to be anybody else.”

Doja Cat is known for being herself and not trying to be like anyone else. She is an individual who is comfortable in her own skin and is not afraid to show it. This quote is a testament to her authenticity and individuality.

75. “I’m not perfect, I’m just me.”

This quote is another reminder that Doja Cat is comfortable with who she is and that she does not try to be perfect. Everyone has flaws and Doja Cat is no exception. However, she embraces her imperfections and uses them to her advantage.

76. “I’m not here to please everyone, I’m here to please myself.”

Doja Cat does not care about what other people think of her. She is true to herself and does not try to conform to the expectations of others. This quote is a great reminder that we should all live our lives for ourselves and not for anyone else.

77. “I’m different, I’m unique, I’m special.”

Doja Cat is proud to be different and does not try to be like anyone else. She knows that she has something special to offer the world and she is not afraid to show it. This quote is a great reminder that we should all celebrate our own individuality.

Doja Cat Quotes About Her Music And Lyrics

Doja Cat is known for her catchy, playful lyrics, and she definitely doesn’t hold back when it comes to her quotable moments.

Here are some of the Best Doja Cat Quotes Lyrics:

78. “I’m a black queen, I need a black king.”

79. “I’m the baddest, I’m the realest, I’m the illest.”

80. “I’m so fancy, you already know.”

81. “I’m in my bag, I’m in my zone.”

82. “I’m a Cowgirl, I’m a Renegade.”

83. “I’mma break you off, let me be your weeknd.”

84. “I’mma XXX you like I’m P*rnhub.”

85. “I’mma ride you like a Wave.”

86. “I’mma give you what you came for.”

To Wrap Things Up

Doja Cat is a rising star in the music industry, and she’s not afraid to speak her mind. In a recent interview, she opened up about her unique style, her thoughts on the industry, and her plans for the future.

Doja Cat is quickly becoming known for her eclectic style and edgy attitude, and she’s not afraid to experiment with her look.

She’s also unafraid to speak her mind about the music industry, and she has some strong opinions on the state of the industry today.

In particular, she’s critical of the way that women are often treated in the industry.

She’s determined to change the game, and she’s got the talent and the ambition to do it.

We can’t wait to see what she does next.

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